Youth & Teen Fitness

The YMCA offers a full menu of classes for all youth/teens, fitness levels, and interests. We offer the following Youth & Teen Exercise classes at the branches for members.

Fun and Fit

This class is designed for all fitness levels. Great class for kids not interested in sports or as an active recovery day for athletes. This class is designed to keep kids moving using fun and challenging games. Class runs monthly 1x/week for 45 minutes. Ages: 9-13

Fundamentals of Strength

Kids will learn how to perform proper bodyweight exercises with an introduction on how to safely use functional equipment like dumbbells, medicine balls, barbells, kettlebells, core stability, and more. Class runs monthly, 1x/week for 45 minutes. Ages: 11-14

Speed and Agility

Speed and agility are essential for better sports performance. Youth will work on speed, balance, coordination, and body positioning in a team-based environment to improve overall athletic ability. Class runs monthly, 1x/week for 45 minutes. Ages: 11-14

Home School Mix

An array of different youth fitness classes each week. Some include Cardio Drumming and Zumba! They are specifically timed during traditional school hours for homeschoolers and eLearning families. Class runs monthly, 1x/week for 45-minute. Ages: 3 & up

Family Fitness Classes

*Teens can begin participating in all adult fitness classes on their own at age 14, or at age 12 with an adult.*

Family Cardio Drumming

Sweat, sculpt, tone, and rock out in this 45 minute infectious, energizing, sweat dripping, heart-pounding, calorie-burning cardio jam session. Ages: 4 & up

Family Aquacise

This class offers younger children the opportunity to exercise in the water with other children and family. This class is held in the shallow end with kid-friendly activities and the use of noodles. Must be 4ft. Ages: 8 & up