Not a Member?

There is no better time to join than now! At the Y, we have something for everyone. The Y offers a unique combination of programs that improve health, nurture youth, and connect you to the our community that you’ll only find at the Y. Programs include swim lessons for all ages, sports programming, free wellness & aquatic classes, before and after school care for School City of Hobart & River Forest School students (K-6th) & So.Much.More!

The Hobart Family YMCA is accessible to all people. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to engage with the Y, we offer financial assistance to those in need.


  • Parents find a safe, positive environment for children to learn good values, social skills and behaviors.
  • Families come together to have fun and spend quality time with each other.
  • Children and teens play, learn who they are and what they can achieve, and are accepted.
  • Adults connect with friends, pursue interests and learn how to live healthier.
  • Communities thrive because neighbors support each other and give back.
  • We all build relationships that further our sense of belonging and purpose.

To accept membership at the Y you understand that: The Y is a mutual benefit organization, existing through the combined efforts of its members and friends.

Household Corporate $67.50 $72
Household Military $0 $64
FAMILY $50 $60
Family Corporate $45 $54
Family Military $0 $48
ADULT + 1 $50 $42
Adult + 1 Corporate $45 $37.80
Adult + 1 Military $0 $33.60
ADULT $50 $32
Adult Corporate $45 $28.80
Adult Military $0 $25.60
Young Adult Corporate $22.50 $15.30
Young Adult Military $0 $13.60
YOUTH $25 $17

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Household Membership

Adult Membership

Adult +1 Membership

Youth Membership

Young Adult Membership


Hobart YMCA believes no one should be denied membership or program participation solely because of the inability to pay fees. Income-based applications are available at our Welcome Center or online. Income-based assistance is granted based on available resources. All applications are kept confidential.

What is the YMCA Income-Based Assistance Program?

The YMCA Income-Based Assistance Program provides scholarship assistance to individuals and families in need of financial support, allowing them to participate in membership and program activities. This support is funded by generous donations made to the YMCA’s Annual Campaign. Income-Based assistance is granted based on available resources.

How will the Income-Based Assistance amount be determined?

We use a sliding fee scale, based on total household income, number of dependents and special needs or circumstances; as well as the resources and program availability at our YMCA.

How to apply:

  1. Download an Income-based Membership Application or obtain the application from the Hobart Family YMCA.
  2. Complete the form, and attach a copy of the required financial documents.
  3. Email the form and required paperwork to Lexi, at , or return the application and required documents to the Hobart Family YMCA Welcome Center.