Health, Well-being & Fitness

Healthy lifestyles stem from nurturing the mind, body and spirit through well-being and fitness. We offer a variety of classes and groups that support the overall improvement of health. Group fitness classes, personal fitness, educational programs, health fairs, adult sports leagues, support groups and many other recreational activities are available to connect you others in the community who share your interests.

Wellness Center Rules

Members ages 10-12 must complete an orientation with a parent/guardian prior to being allowed to use the Wellness Center and must be attended with a parent/guardian at all times in the Wellness Center.

Members ages 13-14 must complete an orientation with a parent/guardian prior to being allowed to use the Wellness Center.

Members 15 and older may use the Wellness Center without completing an orientation. However, completing the orientation is strongly recommended for all new members.

You MUST be 16 years or older to use free weight area.

Proper attire is required for your safety as well as to protect the equipment.

Members should wear clean athletic apparel and athletic shoes.

Shirts and shoes are required.

No offensive language or messages permitted on shirts.

No jeans, swimwear, sandals, flip-flops, street shoes or boots are permitted in the Wellness Center.
You may use the coat rack in Wellness Center to hang up coats and jacks and key caddy located on Wellness Center desk. Please be aware the Hobart YMCA is NOT responsible lost or stolen items. So we encourage all members to lock all of personal belongings in Lockers Rooms.

Please be respectful and courteous to fellow YMCA members by sharing equipment, not using foul or derogatory language, or having inappropriate conversations.

Refrain from public cell phone conversations, horseplay, and do not sit on equipment while not actively using.

Use equipment safely and properly for its intended purpose. If you are unsure, please ask a staff member.

Lift weights in a controlled manner, using a spotter if required. Please do not drop weights or slam weight stacks.

Please be courteous to others and make sure that you re-rack your weights when you are done using them.

After equipment use members are responsible for wiping down equipment using the cleaning supplies provided.

Do not spray sanitizing spray directly onto electronic control boards please spray on paper towel first them wipe it off.

Because musical tastes vary, please use headphones and play at a volume only audible to the listener. Using a speaker is not permitted.

Only water and other beverages in containers with a secure lid are permitted. Do not bring food into the Wellness Center. Please place gum in the trash before working out as it poses a choking hazard and can damage equipment.

Please do not photograph or videotape other members without their consent. If you are photographing or videotaping yourself, make sure other staff or members are not visible in the background. Staff may ask to see any photographs or recordings.

Please report any equipment issues, personal injuries or concerns to the Wellness Center staff.

Only YMCA personal trainers are permitted to train in the facility.

Staff will remind members of the rules, but if ongoing or serious violation of any of these guidelines occur it may result in suspension or revoked of all Wellness Center privileges.

We will not tolerate verbal abuse or physical abuse of personnel or other members.

Complete Class Descriptions for all Land Group X Classes

SilverSneakers Fitness: SilverSneakers Fitness is a low impact fitness class geared towards older adults of all fitness levels.

Queenax: This class will be tough and push you physically as well as mentally. It is about giving it your all, all the time, every single time. You don’t have to be the most experienced exerciser to join the class, you just have to be willing to give it everything you got. In this class you will rotate through various exercises on the Queenax where you will perform as many reps as you can in short intervals. Move at whatever pace works for you, we just want you to go all out. This high energy class is sure to give you an amazing workout.

Zumba: Zumba takes the work out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness party. A total workout, combining all the elements of fitness cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave the class.

Cardio & Strength: Experience a variety of cardio- based exercises that are sure to rev up your heart rate. This class also features strengthening exercises that will tone and sculpt your muscles for a full body workout.

Rock N Roll Abs: This class is a fun yet challenging way to target all areas of the abdominal muscles using a variety of cardiovascular, core and abdominal moves. This class is set to upbeat music making it a fun way to transform your abs and burn fat without doing crunches or sit-ups. It is easy to follow and gets you moving, without any complicated equipment.

Full Body Blast: Infuses body weight, hand weights, bands, benches, with balance, core, strength, athletics, and plyometric exercises. This class will help to increase core stability, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Come check out this fun, energetic, class and let your Body have a Blast!

TKO/Queenax: is a high intensity boxing-inspired, full-body, strength training, and physically intense experience with uppercut throwing cardio in one clean class. You’ll work your legs, core and upper body in each 45-minute class.

Cardio Drumming: Sweat. Sculpt, Tone, and Rock out in this 45 minute infectious, energizing, sweat dripping, heart pounding, calorie burning cardio jam session.

Mat Core Powerhouse: This class is done on the floor using an exercise or yoga mat, which employs controlled breathing during body weight resisted movement to build core strength. Increase muscle strength and tone without creating bulk. It will also help to improve flexibility and posture, which can decrease your chances of injuring yourself.

On The Ball: Strength, tone, and stretch your entire body using exercises that combine stability balls and free weights in this class that focuses on improving posture, balance, and flexibility, all while challenging your core.

Fit & Firm: This workout is aimed at toning the upper and lower body using free weights and resistance bands. Define shape and strengthen with Fit & Firm. This class is sure to set your figure on fire with this never boring and fun fitness class.

Express Tabata: Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. Through a variety of simple, yet intense exercises, each class will blast the calories and provide noticeable results in a short amount of time. Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight loss, or both, this class will provide what you are looking for. Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. Through a variety of simple, yet intense exercises, each class will blast the calories and provide noticeable results in a short amount of time. Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight loss, or both, this class will provide what you are looking for.

Stretch Your Limits: A full body stretch using movements that flow smoothly to increase flexibility, decrease muscle tension, develop core strength, and improve muscular balance.

Aquatic Class Descriptions

Aqua Sculpting: Fun and challenging deep and shallow water routines for those serious about their water workout. Burn fat; improve muscle tone, strength, flexibility and endurance. Aqua-steps, hand buoys and noodles are used for added resistance and strengthening exercises.

Arthritis: Aquatic Exercise Association Arthritis Program. This water exercise program is designed for people with arthritis, joint and related conditions. Focusing on increasing range of motion, muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. This class allows you to participate without excess strain on joints and muscles. This class is certified by the Aquatic Exercise foundation and is led only by trained instructors.

Aqua Jog: This aqua Jog class will help you lose weight, improve fitness and revitalize your workouts with no impact. Adding in the resistance of the water making this a great way to jog or power walk. Optional equipment used in this class are gloves and aqua jog belts.

Circuit H20: This class provides a combination water workout that includes cardio conditioning and muscle strengthening exercises using various equipment along with the water’s natural resistance.

H20 Walking: Gentle yet effective routines combined with muscle toning, strengthening, and posture improving exercises to make this the perfect workout for the beginners.

Aqua Zumba: Heat up the pool with Aqua Zumba!  Jump into the Latin-inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning, aquatic dance routine. Splash your way into shape with this invigorating low impact pool party!

Aquacise: Low impact water aerobics, progressing at your own pace, using noodles, kick boards, and water weights for strength and toning.

Pilates H20: Build a stronger core (abdominal and lower back) while improving posture and body awareness. Pilates increases flexibility and strength in the entire body. The routine is fresh and incorporates weights, gloves, balls, noodles, and kick boards. This class helps each participant reach their health and fitness goals.

Tabata H20: Tabata interval training involves performing eight sets of 20- seconds of work alternated with 10-second rest periods. The aim of the workout is to perform as many repetitions as possible during the work period. It’s short, efficient and can fit in almost any fitness program. Using the water for a low impact, but a great cardio workout.

Hydro Kickboxing: Aqua kickboxing is an innovative class, combining the benefits of water resistance with the fun and energy of cardio kickboxing. You will gain new skills as you boost your overall fitness performing basic offensive and defensive boxing moves. This lively aerobic workout combines strength training with self-defense motions. The buoyancy of the water provides extra resistance as well as the opportunity for modifications to reduce the risk of impact injury. You will increase your endurance, agility and coordination as well as balance and core stability.

Paid Program Descriptions

Karate: Participants will develop balance, coordination, self confidence and discipline through this martial arts form. Classes focus on the development of youth’s positive attitude, behavior, and character through building self- esteem and self-discipline while instilling respect for themselves and others.

Personal Training: Our personal training program offers fantastic one-on-one exercise guidance. These packages are specifically designed to develop permanent, positive changes to your health, your level of physical fitness and your overall well-being. Following your initial consultation, body composition and circumference measurements, your progress is tracked over the course of your training program with periodic reevaluations to ensure the you are progressing at an appropriate pace towards meeting you ultimate fitness goals. We offer a variety of package options to meet your needs: one-on-one personal training, buddy training, and small group training.