Let your children learn, grow and thrive with us!

The Hobart Family YMCA Developmental Preschool offers such incredible programs for both their 3 year class and Pre-K class. My husband and I first discovered this program over five years ago when looking for a school for our daughter (who is now in second grade). We were nervous about finding a school that offered what we were looking for. When we came across the YMCA program, it was a no-brainer to enroll her. The fact that they have an open door policy is great!

It helped us with the nerves of leaving our little in someone else’s care. Parents are not only able, but encouraged to participate and help out in class throughout the school year. It’s so fun to take part in class parties, volunteer to read to the class, or help the teachers with a project. An added bonus is the fact that swimming is incorporated into the curriculum and again, parents are encouraged to get in the pool with their child.

Our daughter learned so much in her first year in the pre-school, that we put basically no thought into enrolling her into the Pre-K class. The teachers take many different approaches to teaching and make learning super fun for their students. By the time our daughter finished the Pre-K program, we knew that she was more than ready to start Kindergarten. Her teachers had taught her what she needed to know and more!

And the preschool graduation they have, THE CUTEST! We were so impressed with the YMCA  Preschool while our daughter was there, that we chose them again for our son. He is currently in his second year at the Y Preschool enrolled in the Pre-K program and loving it! He’s learning a lot, making new friends, and looks forward to going to school. I would highly recommend the Hobart Family YMCA  Preschool to any parent looking for a school for their child. Our expectations were not only met but far exceeded!

– Amanda Cook