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What would the Y be without aquatics? Our Aquatic Exercise classes are an excellent way to work those muscles you didn’t know you had! Classes are designed to fit every level of fitness from water based activities that adapt exercise for those with disabilities or in rehabilitation to challenging intermediate and advanced classes that will torch calories and improve strength in the water!

Class descriptions below to some of our core classes that are offered year round. For more specific information and questions about Aquatic classes please contact Debbie at 219-942-2183 Ext. 17.


(Class schedule and class availability is subject to change per session. Current Group Exercise class schedule available on our Schedules page.)





(Intermediate / Advanced) Fun and challenging deep and shallow water routines for those serious about their water workout. Burn fat; improve muscle tone, strength, flexibility and endurance. Aqua-steps, Hand buoys and noodles are used for added resistance and strengthening exercises.



Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatic Program This water exercise program is designed for people with arthritis, joint and related conditions. Focusing on increasing range of motion, muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance, this class allows you to participate without excess strain on joints and muscles. This class is certified by the Arthritis Foundation and is led only by trained and certified instructors.


Aqua Core

Resistance training using core stabilization never was more refreshing. The water is the perfect medium for improving dynamic balance, strength, agility and coordination.


Aqua Jog

This Aqua Jog class will help you lose weight, improve fitness and revitalize your workouts with no impact. Adding in the resistance of the water making this a great way to jog or power walk. Optional equipment used in this class are gloves and Aqua jog belt.


H20 Walking

 Gentle yet effective routines combined with muscle toning, strengthening, and posture improving exercises to make this the perfect workout for beginners.



Looking for something different to add to your group fitness plan? People love boot camp on land… and it’s even better in the WATER! Aqua Boot Camp offers a high intensity, athletic approach to water fitness, using gravity from the land and the resistance of the water. This class implements a combination of strength training exercises, sports-specific drills, intense cardiovascular work, intervals, and plyometric exercises.



Tabata interval training involves performing eight sets of 20 seconds of work alternated with 10-second rest periods. The aim of the workout is to perform as many repetitions as possible during the work period. It’s short, efficient and can fit in almost any fitness program. Using the water for a low impact, but a great cardio workout.



Low impact water aerobics, progressing at your own pace, using noodles, kick boards, and water weights for strength and toning.



Build a stronger core (abdominal and lower back) while improving posture and body awareness. Pilates increases flexibility and strength in the entire body. The routine is fresh and incorporates weights, gloves, balls, noodles, and kick boards. This class helps each participant reach their health and fitness goals.


Additional Pool Activities

ADULT SWIM - Men & Women 18 years and older.

LAP SWIM - If you are unable to swim complete lengths of the pool, it is recommended that you practice during open swim times until your skills and stamina improve.

OPEN SWIM - Open swims are for all ages, children under the age of six must have a parent in the swimming pool with them at all times. Children 6-12 must demonstrate at least Guppy level swimming ability in order to swim in deep end. Lifeguard on duty will test all children's swimming ability before being allowed to swim in the pool.

OPEN/LAP SWIM - All rules for open swim apply. The pool will be divided into open/lap swim lanes depending upon the number of patrons requesting lap swimming at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.

FAMILY SWIM - A parent must accompany children at any age.




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